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  • The future is
    already here
Provide global engineering - Hankook Engineering Works
Engineering Global Engineering Provider

Through continuous development of new technology,
we provide engineering services in various industries.

  • Total Engineering Solution ServiceSmart Factory, Smart Farm
  • Tire and Manufacturing Consulting
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Machinery Specialization in Automation and Unmanned System Technology

We develop manufacturing facilities with the latest high technologies for a wide scope of industries.

  • TireBead, Cutting, Building, Curing, Inspection, Test
  • Industrial MachineryAutomation/Unmanned System of Operation
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Automation, unmanned manufacturing facilities - Hankook Engineering Works
Provide smart technologies for process innovation - Hankook Engineering Works
Smart Structure and System (3S) Smart Technology, Leading the Era of Industry 4.0

We provide smart technologies for process innovation.

  • Smart Machine, Smart System, Digitalization, Robotics
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Our Vision The engineering
provider with innovative

Hankook Engineering Works a technology-based manufacturer who specializes in
automation/unmanned systems/smart systems and other high-end machines based on technology.
We strive for continuous development and innovation to become a global engineering leader.


For any inquires, please feel free to contact us through
Contact Us or phone. We will respond to your inquiry
as promptly and accurately as possible.

  • Tel.+82. 42. 632. 2446
  • E-mail.support@hankooktech.com
  • Contact us
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